The Graceful Hands Foundation was established in 2011 and was registered on the 14th July, 2016 to help conditions of the orphans and deprived children in the Greater Accra region of Ghana. Graceful Hands Foundation is an organisation supported by motivated individuals and organisations. The board is supported by a broad network of people who sympathize with the aims of the foundation.

Graceful Hands Foundation exists as a registered Non Governmental Organisation (NGO), a non profit – making organisation offering vocational, technical and formal education, establishing farms for the training. Fending for the marginalized children, Mr. Evans K. Quartey, Mr. Abraham N. K. Quartey  and others laid the foundations for the Graceful Hands Foundation.

We promote equity, friendship and trust.



Graceful Hands Foundation is all about alleviating human suffering in the face of streetism and marginalized areas by mobilizing the power of volunteers and generosity of donors.



The vision of Graceful Hands Foundation is that one day all the marginalized children in this nation will attain vocational and formal education.


Our goals attempt to actualize the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations formulated in 2000 in Dakar, Senegal

Major point: Equity between men and women, equal opportunities by 2030 for boys and girls in primary and secondary education.

The focus of our project is on education, farming, training and job creation. In addition, we seek to support and strengthen neighborhood organization by encouraging parent and neighbor participation.



We are a body that seeks to alleviate human suffering in the face of streetism and marginalized areas, therefore we provide free education. Also, we are a body that increases awareness among youth that their current decision will have great effect on their futures.

We provide free education for the marginalized children and relevant programs that will facilitate children and youth in setting and achieving their goals to empower them build healthy relationships and avoid risky behaviors such as school drop-outs, drugs, alcohol, and sex outside of marriage.


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  1. May God bless you richly. A good job there. How will you be able to reach other countries like mine in Kenya. I would appreciate to be part of the org.

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