Our main events every year involve bringing members of the foundation and tutoring staff to chosen areas around the country. We partner with local organizations to provide the Graceful Hands experience to hundreds of greatly deserving children, youth and adults! Some of the events we organize is Medical Screening, Cleanup Exercise, Health Walk, Health Talks and Sporting Activities just to mention a few.



Graceful Hands Foundation has pledged to help continue the inspiring humanitarian service. In the coming months we seek to surprise over 100 children and their families with a Christmas party that will include games, crafts, food and plenty of fun.

 It is our hope to make this an annual event as well as to continue to find other ways to support the Outreach Club.


We organise nice events once in a while to seek kind donations from people like yourself to make all of the Graceful Hands Foundation programs possible. Any amount can make a difference. Let’s work together to help create better opportunities and a brighter future for children in need.