Domicile Stopover


Currently our Educators are in charge of the Domicile Stopover program. This team sacrifice their leisure time to get closer to the families of the pupil we cater for and also reach out to the ones that are yet to be brought in. The educators have shown great commitment and hard work, ever since they joined Graceful Hands Foundation. This program also gives the educators a fair idea of the various backgrounds our pupils are coming from, in the end facilitating their bond and work with these pupils. The team has two questionnaires, one for the pupils and the other for the parent/guardian. The pupil questionnaire is performed in the extra school hours, whereas the parent/guardian questionnaire is done on the visitation day. The questionnaire guides the team to work more efficient and focus on interest areas only. Photos are taken during the domicile stopover. In the end, a proper documentation is made for future references.

Target group: All the marginalized children living in and around La, a suburb of Accra. We hope to expand our catchment area in the near future.


Goal: Build a bond with the marginalized child and give them hope for the future.


Intervention: GHF staff combs the streets of La both day and night in various communities where the population of marginalized children is dense.


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